Pedal Pedal Brings You Cooking Classes After Your Biking Experience

Pedal Pedal Brings You Cooking Classes After Your Biking Experience

We glad to announce collaboration with Chicago’s best cooking school to bring you the all the fun. Now you and your kids can enjoy cooking classes while you on a road biking.

Cooking Classes Information

cooking classesWe were foundedĀ  because we’re enthusiastic about the instruction of kids and also healthy meals. We provide cooking classes in Chicago and surrounding area. We love helping kids to cook. You wish to provide children the choice to attempt to undergo an assortment of foods via an abysmal application that’s simple for parents, fundamentals, and children revel in and to love.

The standard kiddies meal is fries and chicken nuggets, or some variant of the 2 items. As per research by the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) at 2011, 34 percent of kids in the USA tend to be much more prone to eat junk food on any given day. And when eaten in moderation, though food isn’t bad, you would like to show children to consume.


ChcicagoSkills are in the cornerstone of the program that we teach in Chicago. We teach students how to chop, wash, peel, and slice, dice, breed, center, bake, toast, shake, fold along with mix. In addition, we teach students how you can measure ingredients and also how to see recipes. We create it that recipe prep (and cleanup ) is easy and enjoyable!


Healthful recipes and delicious are an integral element of each class. Our teachers talk nutrition in a way that is fun that students become worked up about nutrition and food that is healthful all around. The objective is to inspire pupils share nutrition facts and food nuggets and to talk this they’ve heard from class.

Food Culture

Cultural awareness is also an significant part our program. Our schools are diverse therefore we select recipes which introduce students into dishes and the foods of all different nations. Our teachers invite students to talk about their particular food adventures and also share interesting facts.

It’s super simple to attract!

All you need to do is contact with your main or thoughts of programs. You might forward their information to us and we’ll introduce the faculty board with our schedule.



Our purpose is to supply foods for most our students and ingredients. We utilize ingredients which can be processed or natural. We maintain matters we may adapt food allergies, also are a establishment. We don’t utilize any eggs that are raw shellfish inside our own recipes.


Illinois map

When enrolling for your child for our cooking classes in Illinois, please include most allergy info in the event that you have some questions or contact us directly. We’ll do our very best to support your kid needs. Visit us in our Chicago office.


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