The Foldable Helmet that fits like a glove

The Foldable Helmet that fits like a glove

Yes, we know it sounds odd, but the new Carrera Foldable Helmet which was made available this week really does fit like a glove.

The secret to the snugness of fit is down to its novel construction that harks back to the old leather racing helmets from the last century (Pistard helmets, as they were called). Instead of using a moulded polystyrene bowl like most modern helmets, the foldable helmet is made of five ‘strips’ of polystyrene which sit front to back on your head and are held together with elastic.

Carrera Foldable Helmet

However, unlike the original ‘folding’ helmets, this modern version holds the highest level of safety certification (EE 1078) and is not designed for the racers – in fact, almost completely the opposite. Foldable helmets are designed for everyday riding – in or out of town – the Carrera Foldable will be worn by anyone who rides a bike. The makers, Carrera, seem to think that the helmet will be worn more often by ‘urbanites’ but our feedback suggests that it will have a broader appeal.

What do Foldable Helmets cost?

So does having a helmet that when you’re not wearing it can compress to about two thirds of its normal size (easily put away in your bag!), and is apparently more comfortable than your favourite slippers sound appealing? Now if you’re thinking that something so new and innovative will be fiendishly expensive you may be surprised. Whilst £60 for the Carrera Foldable Helmet isn’t exactly cheap, it is a small price to pay for a stylish, comfortable helmet when compared to the cost of a new bike and the danger of falling off it without one.

The Foldable, which actually compresses more than it folds, is available in a great range of single colours – interestingly the helmets are only available in single colours and there are no garish transfers! They are definitely different to the boringly similar helmets available up till now, but not so different that you’ll look out of place.

Helmet Colours

With regards to the colours there are seven and rather than invite debate about which one is best (because all have our favorites!), we’ll simply list them; Black, Red, Orange, Blue, Lime, White and Purple (yes, purple).

We like them – they’re cool, different, safe – and yes, they fit like a glove.

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